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A Review: Bourjois Velvet The Lipstick

September 11, 2017

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False Lashes: the Good, the Bad and the Expensive

October 23, 2015

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then throughout history we’ve been obsessed with the curtains. 


False lashes were first made mainstream in 1919 when makeup artist Max Factor enhanced actress Phyllis Haver’s lashes by sewing real hair onto her own. He is still credited with creating the first false lashes. 


Thankfully, 96 years later, false lashes aren't just for movie stars, They've available to buy at your local drugstore, supermarket or the internet. 


But which lashes are the best? And how much should you be spending on a set?


Red Cherry Lashes (£3.49)



Red Cherry Lashes have to be my favourite lashes of all time! They are a great price and are made from human hair, so they look really natural and don't have that shiny plastic look that you get from a lot of lashes at this price point. 


They come in nearly 100 different styles ranging from natural wispies to the thick, full and glamourous. They also do half strip lashes and individuals. 


The lash bands are very thin so they are very easy to put on and wear, even without eyeliner. Because they are made from human hair they are also very light, so can be worn for long periods of time without irritation. 


The only downside is that in the UK I've never seen them in stores so always have to purchase them online. 


My favourite styles are #217, #WSP and #102




Ardell Lashes (£3.99-£6.49)



So when I'm not organised enough to have ordered Red Cherry lashes online, Ardell are usually the brand I turn to next, especially for their Demi Wispies, which have become somewhat of a cult lash. 


Like Red Cherry Lashes, Ardell also has a range of half strip lashes and individuals. 


The price point is pretty good and they are easily accessible in the UK, I can normally pick up a set at my local supermarket if I am desperate. 


I do like that they sell multiple sets of lashes which is great for a makeup artist. They have a nice, thin lash band so are easily to apply and comfortable to wear.




Eye Candy (£2.49-£5.95)



Eye Candy is another brand that is easily accessible in the UK and sold at most supermakets/drugstores.


Althought the quality is not as good as Red Cherry and Ardell, they are well priced and offer some nice styles. I especially like the style below as a alternative to the Ardell Demi Wispie lashes.


However I find their lashes a little bit stiff and harder to apply. Also some of the thicker lashes have that plastic shiny look to them which can make them look a little cheap. 




House of Lashes (£4.56-£7.82)



A very popular brand in America and especially with beauty guru's. Their 'Iconic' lashes have graced many a YouTube video. 




Without have to pay expensive shipping charges from America, these lashes are very difficult to get hold of in the UK for under £12. However, I really wanted to try out a pair and ending up ordering a pair of 'Iconic' style lashes. 


I really wanted to like them, but to be honest I found them difficult to apply as the lash band was so thick and stiff, this also made them really hard to wear without eyeliner as the lash band was visible no matter how close to the lashes I got them! They also didn't blend with my natural lashes. Overall I was very disappointed. The whole time I was wearing them I was constantly aware that I had false lashes on as they were heavy and uncomfortable. 


Saying that, if I lived in the US and could get them cheaper, I think it would feel less resentful. 


Overall, I don't think they are worth the money.  


In conclusion, in my experience when it comes to lashes, money doesn't necessarily equal quality. You can get great, easy to apply, natural looking lashes for under £5 from a number of brands. 


This means you can try out more styles of lashes without it having to cost the Earth. 


Hope this has been informative!


Until next time.










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