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Tabitha Glaze


While some children dreamt of becoming veterinarians or pop stars, Tabitha always had a dream to be part of the enchanting world of makeup. However, it took until the age of 23 for her to summon the courage to leave her career as a graphic designer and chase her lifelong aspiration. In January 2015, she took the bold step of founding Makeup by TG.

What started as a solo journey into the world of makeup swiftly blossomed into a thriving adventure. Thanks to the power of word-of-mouth her client base expanded at a remarkable pace. It soon became evident that the demand for her skills was soaring, and it was time to grow the Makeup by TG family.

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Lydia embarked on her journey with us in the summer of 2017. Her path to becoming a professional makeup artist began with professional training at The Makeup Artist Studio in Liverpool.

Lydia specializes in creating flawless, beautiful skin that serves as the perfect canvas for any makeup look. Her ability to craft a stunning, seamless base is nothing short of magical.

Interestingly, Lydia's personal journey with makeup is as fascinating as her professional one. Believe it or not, she never donned a speck of makeup until the age of 16. It was through a fortuitous friendship with Tabitha that her passion for makeup took root. Now, fast forward 15 years, and the duo share not just a deep passion but, some may say, an outright obsession with all things makeup.


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Together, Tabitha and Lydia form a dynamic team, bound by an unwavering dedication to enhancing natural beauty and creating captivating makeup looks. It's a journey that began with friendship, transformed into a shared passion, and continues to flourish as they work their magic, one makeup brush at a time

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